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Thanks for your interest in joining our “Jump to the Pump” Team. Applicants who pass our entrance requirements will join a team of friendly and enthusiastic men and women who are known across Western Canada for their fantastic service. We’re the best full-service provider in the retail gasoline industry…and proud of it!

Introductory Training

As a new Team Member, you will take part in a fully paid introductory training seminar. During this seminar, you will receive instruction on all the basic job requirements of a DOMO Team Member. Instruction on safety procedures and company policies will also be provided. You will receive a detailed instructional booklet called the “Team Members Guide to Success”. Please let us know if you do not understand any parts of the seminar or the written guide. We all remember what it was like when we started. We want to help you be successful.

After the seminar, you will be fitted for a pair of our world famous red DOMO coveralls. You will be assigned a minimum of three eight hour on the job training shifts with experienced DOMO Team Members. As you learn the job, your responsibilities will increase and you will soon get to run a DOMO station on your own. But don’t worry. You’re never really alone. If you run into problems, we’re as close as a phone call away. Your Area Supervisor and Store Manager both have pagers.

Advanced Training

Once you have mastered the basics of the job, we offer a refresher seminar and advanced training. Advanced training will focus on preparation of cash balance sheets and reports, use of cash registers and ways to simplify inventory counts and shift changes. We will also give you pointers on selling “DASH” products. DASH products are the snack and drink items we sell and also include specialty products such as lighters and air fresheners. DASH sales are a very important part of our business. Selling these products can be fun and rewarding. Every month, there are bonuses for Teams that meet their targets and great contest prizes for Teams that excel.

Take our word for it, the selling skills that you learn at DOMO will be of value to you for the rest of your life.


Monthly Bonuses for DASH Sales and Cash Control

Team Members at DOMO are eligible for monthly performance bonuses after completing one month of employment. Bonuses are based on whether you and the Team at your store achieve the monthly sales target for DASH products and also show good cash control.

JPR Service Awards and Bonuses

Excellence in service is another way you can qualify for bonuses and awards. Jump to the Pump Reports are done on a regular basis by DOMO management. Outstanding service is recognized with service award pins and cash.

Service is our claim to fame at DOMO… and this is what keeps our Guests coming back to us.

Your job performance will be reviewed regularly at DOMO and performance is rewarded through hourly/salary rate increases and promotions. Seniority (length of time in the company) is not the key factor in determining who gets paid the most or gets the best shifts and is not the key factor in determining who gets promoted.

Almost all of our Store Managers and Supervisors started at the pumps and worked their way up in the company. Fact is, we never leave the pumps. Senior Managers at DOMO, including the President, are at the stores pumping gas and selling DASH products every week. This is how we keep in touch with our Team Members and with our Guests. It is also a part of what makes DOMO such a unique company and a fun place to work.

Examples include our Spring Clean-up Contest, Fall Service Contest, Christmas Party, Bowling, Golfing and Winter Ski Trips.

We encourage you to express your opinions and ideas at DOMO. We are always asking Team Members for their thoughts on policies and procedures. In fact, some of our best ideas come from Team Members.

Our Team Members are what makes us the best in the business. Thanks for your interest in working with us. We look forward to welcoming you to our fabulous Team!